Global Nature Crafts specializes in the development and manufacture of both retail ready and custom formulation private label Cold Crafted soap and natural bodycare products - all made from the highest quality flower and plant essences available. From the creation of our unique body care formulations to the selection of every natural ingredient we use, one thing becomes abundantly clear - we sincerely care about what we do and you can feel the difference in every product we deliver. Download our online catalogue for our complete range, custom labeling, packaging options and prices.

Each and every product is tested by and on us first - before it ever leaves our manufacturing facility. We also believe in full ingredient disclosure. Customers have the right to know what they are putting on or in their body. If this sounds like the kind of company you'd like to partner with - then we invite you to call us today and experience the natural difference for yourself!

Natural Cold Crafted

Infused with essential skin nutrients, tried and trusted for generations the world over, this natural spa system of personal complexion bars harnesses the bounty of nature to bring you a simpler more holistic way of revealing the beauty within.

Nourish and restore your complexion's health & glow the all natural way!

Bubbling Bath Melts

Slipping into Bliss
Immerse yourself in a gentle bubbling fountain of luscious skin softening camellia, olive and shea butter oils while enchanting elixirs of pure essential oils and organic herbs and flowers embrace you in their comforting arms.  Mystically crafted to enchant and pamper the senses so don't be surprised if you quite suddenly find yourself… slipping into bliss.

Bath Salts – Therapeutic Body Soaks

Divine Intervention 

Pure aromatherapeutic essential oils and detoxifying mineral crystals and herbs unite in harmony to melt away the day's aches and inhibitions. Magically blended to enchant both mind and body - whatever your mood.

Bath & Body Oils  – Nature's Touch

Therapeutic Bath & Body Oils

100% natural goodness in a bottle! Crafted from organic plant and herb oils and special healing blends of pure aromatherapy grade essential oils. Feed the senses as well as your skin!


Facial Mud  – Organic Clay

Rejuvenating Facial Mud

Rejuvenate skin health and glow with our unique deep cleansing facial mud. Crafted from Australian superfine mineral clay, French Argiletz clay and powderized organic Calendula, Aloe and Oatmeal.

Note – our clays are packed in dry form to maximize value. As the clays can absorb up to 4 times their weight in water, when you purchase a premixed paste you are actually paying for mostly water…. and pretty expensive water at that!


Organic Face Care
– Facial Beauty Serums

Choose from a range of wrinkle diminishing, facial toning and facial moisturizes for all natural face care.

Organic Face Care
– Floral Water Skin Tonics

Refresh, tone and nourish your complexion’s natural glow with our hydrating line of pure Floral Water Skin Tonics.


Organic Body Care - Extra Rich Body Butters

Our unique Body Butters instantly repair and soothe dry, irritated skin while providing superior 24 hour moisture barrier protection.

Deep moisturizing formula contains 92% Shea Butter and an abundance of healing essential fatty acid skin nutrients and anti-oxidants to help repair damaged skin and minimize the effects of aging. Regular use will result in noticeably softer, smoother, healthier skin.


Organic Baby & Maternity Care

Because every baby and mother deserves a little extra tender loving care.

At Organic Earth we truly understand the special needs of babies and their mothers.

We understand these needs because our Baby & Maternity lines are created and tested by actual Mother’s just like you. Crafted using safe, time tested, proven natural ingredients, each product addresses specific needs common to all mothers and their children.

Important Note – We do not use nor add synthetic fragrance, preservatives, colourants, fillers, foaming agents or additives of any type to our products.

Wide Range of Packaging Options

Choose from a vast range of attractive packaging designs which can all be private labeled with your own company logo and details.

We can also produce most custom design requests. Contact for more details.

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