Quality of the canvases

How durable are the printed canvases?

Very durable indeed. We print using specialist UV resistant inks. The ink will neither flake, scratch off the surface nor crack where the canvas is wrapped around the corner of the frame. We will also spray an acrylic varnish for UV protection.

Are the canvases sealed?

No. Because of the printing process, you can't rub the colour off, so there's no need to put a plasticised coating over the. With a lovely matt finish and subtle grain, the canvas is actually proper fabric material, so has a far superior look and feel to any sealed ‘canvases'.

How much are your canvases?

The price of a canvas is based on the size that you want, prices are approximately $200/m2.

Caring for canvases

How do I hang the canvas?

The canvases are really quite light, so you can actually hang them very easily on just one or two screws in the wall. Although we do finish them all with eyelets, you may find it easier – as we do at home – to just hang them straight onto the screw.

How can I clean the canvas?

Should it get dusty, the best way to clean the canvas is with an appropriate vacuum attachment such as a curtain nozzle or a lint roller. You can also wipe them with a damp cloth with mild soapy water if they get marked. Avoid getting the frame soaking wet as it may warp. Do not use solvents.

Can I put it in a bathroom?

Under normal bathroom conditions the canvases should not be affected. You should avoid getting water on the wooden frame and although a small splash won't hurt, it's best to try and keep it dry. If the bathroom is particularly steamy – or a swimming pool room for example - there is a slight danger that this could lead to warping of the frame.


How long do they take to make and deliver?

About 7-9 days from confirmation of your order.

How much is delivery?

There is a flat rate of $20.00 for shipping and packaging per item. Shipping is via TNT Express courier. Contact us to obtain your individual shipment tracking number.

How do you make sure my canvas arrives safely?

To ensure your canvas reaches you in perfect condition, we take great care in packing it up. First the photo canvas is covered in plastic wrap, packed in a cardboard box/tube and firmly secured.

What kinds of canvases are available?

There are 2 types:

  1. Gloss Canvas
    White, cotton canvas (350 g/m²), with a primed satin finish. A special resin coating holds the inks with high clarity. Images are brilliant and well saturated, making this canvas an ideal media for fine art reproductions or studio portraits.
  2. Matte Canvas
    Bright white, cotton canvas (360 g/m²) this canvas is gloss-free with a slightly smoother texture than the gloss canvas. It offers great color saturation and contrast. This is also the best option for prints serving as underpaintings.

Sizing and your images

How big can the canvases be?

A limitation of 100cm x 80cm due to damage control during transit. Other than that, as all our canvases are custom made so you can have any size/panel number you want, allowing you to fit canvases into particular spaces.

How deep are the stretcher bars?

The standard depth of stretcher bar is 4cm. For larger canvases we will also add in a crossbar for added strength.

Do you wrap the image around the sides of the frame?

Our standard practice is to mirror the image or to leave blank canvas on the sides of the frame. If you have a particular preference, just let us know. If not leave it to us, and we will choose the option with the best visual impact.

What are the standard canvas sizes?

To ensure that the stretcher bars are a perfect fit for the printed canvas, we don't have standard sizes - every piece we produce is made to measure. This means that we can work with panoramic shots and unusual crops without having to crop them to fit the shape of the frame.

What should I consider when deciding on the size of canvas to go for?

When deciding on the size you want, there are two principal things to take into consideration: the space you want to hang the canvas in and the shape of your photo.
The shape and proportions (what is called ‘aspect ratio') of your photo will depend on both the sort of camera the photo was taken on - normal or digital - and whether you want the photo cropped to achieve a better image. To see some example sizes, you can check the price guide. Here we give some sizes and prices for canvases appropriate for photos taken on both normal and digital cameras.

Tell me more about cropping

Within any photo can lurk a more powerful image and our job is to find it! We take a look at all photos we receive to see if they could be improved by cropping. If we feel they can, we will email you a proof of our suggested crop for your approval. If you like it we'll then let you know how this would effect the proportions and therefore size. Usually the cropped image can be printed at a very similar size to the original size you had in mind.

Will my photo be good enough quality to blow up to the size I want?

The short answer is that we'd have to see it to give you a definite answer. If it is a digital image it's a little more complicated, so the easiest thing is really to send it in and have us check it.

Can you get rid of red eye?

No problem. We do this FREE of charge.

Do you retouch the photos?

All images are carefully cleaned and checked for scratches and marks before printing. If for example someone has a bit of a spot on their face or a baby has a bit of dribble on it's chin we'll take that out too. We also take a look at the contrast and colour balance to make sure that the printed image is as good as it can be. This is all done FREE of charge.

How do you get the colours right?

We spend a great deal of time and money calibrating our printing machinery to ensure we get the truest possible reproduction of your images. This is of particular importance for the professional photographers and interior designers who we work with. Should printed proofs be required, we can provide these.

Can you change a photo from colour to black and white?

Again this is done FREE of charge. If you're interested in seeing your photo in black and white or sepia we'll send you a proof to decide if this really is the best way forward.

What format can I send my photos to you in?

If you are sending us digital images, you can either email them to us or upload your images via www.yousendit.com using the online order form. Digital files to be in JPEG, TIF with at least 200dpi resolution.

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