Global Nature Crafts is a custom made envelope supplier. We offer an innovative and comprehensive range of products and services, focused sales teams and efficient, modern supply and distribution facilities.

Products come directly from Shanghai China. Please provide your custom requirements, including paper weight, dimensions, colour/printing requirements, approx quantity and we will provide you with a competitive quote within 24-48hours. We also arrange all sea and air freight shipments direct to your door.

Download our online catalog to view some of our wide range of products. All orders are made to order, so simply email us your specifications and we will provide you with a competitive quote and samples.

One of the most significant advantages we offer our customers is reliable service. We firmly believe in the need to build long term relationships and will do our utmost to satisfy your requirements in terms of quality and price.

Success is about the strength of our partnership with our customers to meet our respective goals.

Contact us with your requirements.

Metallic Foil Bubble Bags & Padded Envelopes

Cardboard Envelopes Series

Coloured Envelopes

Gift Packaging

Kraft Padded Envelopes & Bubble Bags

Commercial Envelopes & Mailers

Wage Envelopes
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